Royal Baths of Warsaw

Royal Baths of Warsaw – 8 Sights NOT to Miss

Royal Baths of Warsaw are one of the most popular destinations in the capital of Poland. To be honest, Warsaw itself is probably my least favorite place of my home country. However, the Royal Baths of Warsaw is a place I really enjoyed re-visiting and highly recommend seeing, if you …

Legends of Krakow

Kraków: 5 Legends to Feed Your Wanderlust

One of my favorite parts of roaming about Kraków, was refreshing my memory on all the legends I heard of as a kid. It's one thing to hear old stories or read books and another to walk the old, whimsical roads and spot the marks left behind on the walls, the floors …

A Weekend in Kraków

A Weekend in Kraków

It was me and my cousin. Two galls on a mission and a five hour long, Pendolino ride across the country, from Gdynia to Kraków, with some messy Koreans and a very talkative Canadian, until we finally arrived at one of the oldest cities of Poland. Kraków is a gem not to …