8 Venetian Masks & the Story Underneath

The Venetian masks were probably my favorite part of Venice. Ok, second favorite. My favorite part was when I was sitting at a bar, by the Rialto Bridge, sipping on my aperol spritz and a fight broke out in the middle of the bar. There was something about Italian men...

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Cinque Terre, Manarola – The Travel Bug Strikes

I might have mentioned earlier that my trip to Italy, was a.. shall we call it, turning point, in my life. That summer was the great “aha moment” when I realized if I set my mind to something, I can actually do some pretty amazing things. Crazy what kind of things travel...

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5 Adventures Around Lake Garda

Lake Garda of the north, between Venice and Milan, is the largest lake in Italy. It also happens to be ABSOLUTELY beautiful – but then again, what in Italy isn’t? My entire trip to Italy was based around Lake Garda, as I lodged at the Eden Campgrounds. I think my...

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How I fell in Love with Venice: in 25 pics!

How I fell in Love With Venice: in 25 Pics!

Going to Italy was always a dream of mine. It was the type of dream I thought would never come true. It seemed impossible and just a tad bit out of the way. Then, it happened and honestly, my life changed. Now I’m not just being over dramatic here, but...

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