4 Places I Visited in Croatia + 4 I Want to Visit Next Time
Croatia,  Europe

4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia

Chances are this isn't the first article you're reading about all the amazing places to visit in Croatia, as it's grown to be quite the popular holiday destination for many Europeans.

I mentioned in my other article that I wish I could get a do-over trip, since I failed to plan diligently, to get the most out of my experience there. But though I underestimated this exotic country, I still managed to enjoy my stay, see some really neat places and try some ridiculously, good pizza.

In this article I'd like to go over the 4 places I'm glad I got to see and 4 I'm definitely planning to visit, next time I find myself roaming around in this part of the Balkans.


4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia

1. Trogir (visited)

Trogir was actually the very first town I got to see when I landed in Croatia, as the Split airport is not actually in Split. (hey, I was surprised too). It's actually in a town called Kaštela and extends into Trogir, so if you ever happen to plan your itinerary and land in the Split airport, head to Trogir as it makes a great first impression.

It's a small, cozy town but non the less, bustling with life and character. There are plenty of corners to grab a bite to eat or a drink at an outside bar and relax the night away. I loved roaming the old, narrow allies and this, after all, is where I got my very first taste of Croatian wine.

4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia


2. Buje (yet to visit)

Ok so I could have gone with something more popular like Zagreb or Pula but, isn't that where everyone wants to go?

Buje is an old town in Istria, most famous for its ouh so very fertile vineyards. Vineyards = wine. Did I get your attention yet? The Kozlovic winery, seems to be up at the top with the best wineries Croatia has to offer. Definitely putting that on my list!

3. Omiš (visited)

I stayed at an airbnb apartment very close to Omiš so this is a little town I got to admire on several occasions. Omiš actually has a lot of attractions to offer such as kayaking, river rafting or hiking. However the main thing that caught my eye in Omiš, was the ziplining! Unfortunately I didn't get to try it this time. While I was there the zipline cost 53 euros but I might have blown most of my money on my previous trip to London. oops..

Anyway it's enough to make me add Omiš right back to my must re-visit list, just to do that because those views look incredible!

While there make sure to climb your way up to the Mirabela fortress and get a good view of Omiš from the very top.

4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia

4. Hvar (yet to visit)

This is an island, a local told me about. She described it as a "24/7 party" Well as soon as I got the chance I pulled out google and started digging about this on going party I apparently missed.

Shame on me for not researching this before my trip.

Picture this : bays of secluded, clear water, rows of yachts, welcoming atmosphere, music and parting that extends into the morning after. Narrow alleys leading to sophisticated little squares and goat paths to ancient villages.

There are plenty of beaches for your sunbathing desires. However, if you decide to visit one of these, do a little research beforehand. The beach in Jerolim, for example, is a well known nudist beach. It's not the only one either so you might not need that bathing suit after all.

5. Split (visited)

Split. Ouh Split.

Ok I'm not going to lie. I was disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, Split is an extremely charming little town and I think visiting it, is an absolute must! I just pictured it differently and expected it to be a tad bit, bigger?

But I look back with awe at the night we gathered in the courtyard and listened to live music as people all round us relaxed, sipping on their wine. In fact, I think the night is when Split brings out all of its charm.

This is also where I got to see some "Roman soldiers" (ouuuh Italians♥) and I got to hear Croatian men singing. It was a beautiful experience.

4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia

6. Plitvice National Park (yet to visit)

I am still heart broken that I did not get to see THE Plitvice National Park. I mean seriously...

Reason being, we were a good 3 hour drive from the park and we had to choose, Dubrovnik or Plitvice. I was out numbered.

(This reminds me of a point I made in my other article about Croatia, in regards to accommodation and transportation.)

7. Dubrovnik (visited)

Dubrovnik cost me my trip to Plitvice, but the Old Town totally made up for it and turned out to be my favorite part of the entire trip!

I was worried it would be over crowded and overrated because of the whole Game of Thrones hype, but luckily it was absolutely amazing. It was beautiful, enchanting, mesmerizing, enriching, enthralling, ravishing  I am running out of adjectives!

Ouh yeah, it was hot.

I went in September. I would not recommend going June - August. Then I imagine it'll be hot and crowded.

We roamed around Dubrovnik for most of the day, letting the narrow alleys of smooth marble lead us where they pleased. We stopped to enjoy some of the best pizza I ever had and ice cream. Not quite as good as Italian gelato, but still quite enjoyable.

Towards the later hours, I believe past 4:00 we headed for the city walls. This is the best way to get a view of the city. I do recommend buying water BEFORE you climb up on the walls. Even in the later hours of the day, the sun is still scorching and the merchants knowing this, charge a hefty price for their water up above.

Another great way to get a view of the city is by taking the cable car up to mount Srđ. The mountain top offers plenty of room to sit, relax, have dinner or another glass of wine.

4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia
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8. Grožnjan (yet to visit)

This little town, has got me so curious. Referred to as the "Town of Artists" Grožnjan is said to be filled with little art studios, galleries and boutique shops.

I was sold on "Town of Artists" to be completely honest.

After all the sunbathing, ziplining and exploring, this looks like the perfect little spot where  I can see myself relaxing with a paintbrush and canvas and letting all the creative juices flow right out.

I could definitely think of more places I'd like to visit including the underground caves of Pula, Krka National Park or the rat beach on Brac (don't worry there's no actual rats). But I think this list is definitely enough to keep me looking forward to returning to Croatia. But I'm always open for suggestions so let me know in the comments below what's on your list of places to visit in Croatia! And when I do get my do-over trip, you'll be the first to find out!

Vidimo se kasnije!

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