• A Disastrous Trip to Las Vegas and 6 Thing I learned from it
    Nevada,  USA

    Las Vegas – Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation

    The end of April approached and I (an administrative assistant for an accounting firm) exhausted, seeing double from staring at a computer screen and numbers, was overwhelmingly hungry for adventure, counting hours and minutes to my grand escape to the west coast. (Seriously my dad called my cell once and I answered it like it was the office phone. On my day off.) Except the grand adventure, didn’t quite go as planned. You know what they say, when it rains it pours. Well this great adventure of my, went wrong on so many levels, that I don't even know if I should laugh or cry. So pardon me as I do…

  • Royal Baths of Warsaw
    Europe,  Poland

    Royal Baths of Warsaw – 8 Sights NOT to Miss

    Royal Baths of Warsaw are one of the most popular destinations in the capital of Poland. To be honest, Warsaw itself is probably my least favorite place of my home country. However, the Royal Baths of Warsaw is a place I really enjoyed re-visiting and highly recommend seeing, if you ever make the trip to the capital of Poland. I always think of the Royal Baths as the Central Park of New York or Hyde Park of London. It's the beautifully peaceful, getaway from the chaos of the city. The 76 hectares of green grass, ponds and sculptures, make it the largest park in Warsaw. Though the Royal Baths of…

  • Photography 101 Camera Functions

    Photography 101 – The Mysterious Letters on your Camera

    Photography always fascinated me. I was in love with the idea of capturing forever the perfect moment in a push of a button or taking basic everyday things and photographing them from a new angle in a way that makes them so much more interesting. I had a secret dream of becoming a photographer. What crashed it? Well, I was pretty young at the time (I think like 16?) and I was all about the creative aspect of photography. Then both my brother and brother-in-law got themselves some fancy cameras and pretty much shattered my dreams. Don't get me wrong, I love these guys to death, but their view on…

  • My Trip to London - What I wasn't Expecting
    United Kingdom

    My Trip to London – What I Wasn’t Expecting

    Planning my entire trip to London, was an emotional roller-coaster. It took me no time to get completely ecstatic and book my flight from JFK to Heathrow, and just as quickly, things began to fall apart and go wrong. I spent weeks trying to pull plans together and make things work and though everything seemed to slowly fall into place, days before my departure I still questioned if stepping foot on that air plane was a good idea. (que in dramatic music) Part of that reason is I have an excellent ability to over-think and worry about every possible outcome of any move I make, but none of that in this…

  • 4 Places I Visited in Croatia + 4 I Want to Visit Next Time
    Croatia,  Europe

    4 + 4 Places to Visit in Croatia

    Chances are this isn't the first article you're reading about all the amazing places to visit in Croatia, as it's grown to be quite the popular holiday destination for many Europeans. I mentioned in my other article that I wish I could get a do-over trip, since I failed to plan diligently, to get the most out of my experience there. But though I underestimated this exotic country, I still managed to enjoy my stay, see some really neat places and try some ridiculously, good pizza. In this article I'd like to go over the 4 places I'm glad I got to see and 4 I'm definitely planning to visit, next…

  • My First Trip to Croatia
    Croatia,  Europe

    My First Trip to Croatia – The Ups & Downs

    Croatia was a country I honestly never  planned on visiting. Like, ever... Maybe because it's so close to Italy, that it just sort failed to grab my attention. I never dreamt of it, because I really didn't know much about it. Until all of a sudden I kept  hearing about it. Everybody  and their mom, wanted to go to Croatia. Everybody was  going to Croatia. Because Croatia is so beautiful. Because Croatia is so exotic. Because Croatia is all that and a piece of chocolate. Then one day, my turn came and while I was planning my trip to the UK, I received a message from my cousin in Poland "Hey, let's…

  • Best Travel Apps - Citymapper and Google Maps
    Travel Tips

    Best Travel Apps – Citymapper and Google Maps

    Citymapper and Google Maps One of my favorite parts of traveling is using the local transportation. I love the ability to hop on a train or a bus and get myself wherever I please, without the hassle of driving in an unknown area, parking or starring in confusion at a road sign that I never even knew existed because I swear it was not  on my driving test. Using local transportation also makes me feel a little more like a local. On my recent trip to London, one day as I was making my way to a tram station after roaming through the Portobello Market, I actually helped a local find…

  • Kraków: 5 Legends to Feed Your Wanderlust
    Europe,  Poland

    Kraków: 5 Legends to Feed Your Wanderlust

    One of my favorite parts of roaming about Kraków, was refreshing my memory on all the legends I heard of as a kid. It's one thing to hear old stories or read books and another to walk the old, whimsical roads and spot the marks left behind on the walls, the floors and the people. Kraków is a dreamy city which is bound to make you feel as if anything is possible. Here are five legends to feed your wanderlust and have you planning your next adventure to Kraków. The Legend of the Two Towers St. Mary's Basilica is one of the main landmarks of the Main Square in Krakow. It is…

  • A Weekend in Kraków
    Europe,  Poland

    A Weekend in Kraków

    It was me and my cousin. Two galls on a mission and a five hour long, Pendolino ride across the country, from Gdynia to Kraków, with some messy Koreans and a very talkative Canadian, until we finally arrived at one of the oldest cities of Poland. Kraków is a gem not to be taken for granted. Once the capitol of Poland, Kraków is a city of old that thrives with life, located at the southern tip near the border of Slovakia. You haven't seen Poland, till you've seen Kraków (or a bunch of bold headed chavs get together at a football stadium, but I'll keep that for another post). Here's my journey…

  • Places to eat in Clearwater Beach
    Florida,  USA

    Clearwater Beach: Eat, Drink and be Merry

    Over the years, I've seen Clearwater Beach grow and change and attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. In fact, when friends come to visit, this is usually one of the first places I want to take them! But with so many new places to eat in Clearwater Beach, opening up around every corner, it can be tricky to keep up with what's actually worth your time and what's not so much. Lucky for you, there's people like me, who've been to Clearwater Beach more times than I can count and am more than happy to share with you my experiences, reviews and opinions. You can always skip…